dissapointed sibling

for once i thought you're the greatest
for once i thought you're the bravest

we had a great time
yes we are a team
share a glass of lime
share our dreams

and today comes
this morning comes
6 am comes
you tell a secret

we had our day
separated by places
one phone call i say
you made me fall into pieces

a broken secret
a missunderstanding
scream your lungs out in front of my face
swallow that words and think about what you said
no..you're not sick of me

you keep blaming me for your reflection
i keep living under your shadow

for godsake dont you realized
its not always about you
a petite sane girl
i say you're INSANE

for once i hope you're the greatest
for once i hope you're the bravest

i made this when i had a huge fight with my sister.
it was a missunderstanding.

a friend of mine turned it into a lyric
he has this metal band called Too Late To Notice
it featured on their LP album : Beyond God's Boundaries
although there might be some few changes.

listen to their music www.myspace.com/toolatetonotice


TYAA said...

keren deh temanku yang satu ini :)

desinta intan said...

aaaah terimakasih ya sayang :D