once there was a girl who likes to stand in the edge of a cliff.
looking down and scream.

it was her favourite spot, in the edge of a cliff.
with an ocean view and breathtaking sunrise in the morning.

she lost her beloved one, in the edge of a cliff.
he fell and drown into the ocean.

every morning she sat there, in the edge of a cliff.
reading a love note she wrote for her beloved one.

"your voice sounds like an echo
your mind comes like an echo
your attention spoils me like an echo

i follow your words like i hear an echo
and i still amazed by it like an echo amazed me
the whole "over and over" thing is what i miss about you

over and over i see your face in my dreams
over and over i smell your perfume when the wind blows
over and over i feel your arms around me when i sleep
over and over i fell you breathing next to me
in the edge of this cliff.."

i miss you.

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TYAA said...

me love this one