breathtaking beauty with numerous nonsense

This is what December should feel like.

It's 2 o'clock at noon. I'm still lying on my bed wearing a shabby PJ's. Blinking my eyes trying to adjust it with the sorrow light from the room. Cold. I covered the blanket up to my mouth. Yet the air is still freezing. Gosh, it's Thursday.. My day off and assignments are waiting to be done. No..no. I don't feel like doing any assignments today.

It's 3.30 now.
I'm still lying here..on my chest, writing.
A tapping voice comes from my sister beside me busy with
her laptop trying to ease the bitterness of a heartbreak.
This is what December should feel like. Lonely and sad. The air is thick and heavy. Moist. Windy. Grey sky.
It's pouring scattered showers out there. And all I want to do today is lying on my bed. Christmas is just around
the corner and I've got no plan. It'll be the same Christmas every year doing the same boring-lack-of-excitement routine.
I want something. Something to remember.
Well.. We'll see if something comes up. Closed my eyes for a moment, trying to feel my body. Am I
healthy today? Am I in a good shape? Does my head hurt? No..I don't feel a thing. Although something is
tingling. It's just the wind brushes softly to my open skin.
Ooh.. I dreamed about you last night. It was a sweet dream. Corny.. but still pretty sweet. No, I'm not going
to spoil you with my dream.
It's 5 pm.


ellora said...

kok sedih ya des?

desinta intan said...

haha iya biasalah bangun tidur trs ga mood. hehehe