Half Awake.

Opening Itunes library.
What to play? What? What? What?
I need something soothing, something calm, something that'll make me carried away. Hmm..

Coastal Brake? Breathe? Soul Waver? Del Mar?
Aaah..Del Mar it is.

Search : Cafe Del Mar volumen siente.


What to say, huh. I found this quote on tumblr earlier today "I want to laugh. I want to cry", yes I want it both ways. Crying with no apparent reason, laugh because..there's nothing to laugh at. Just laugh, ha ha ha. Happy.
Are you following me? Do you get what I'm sayin? Cos I don't.

Probably moodswings. Yes, I'm on my period days.
Period days.
I'd say, I taste a glimpse of hell every month, I bleed through my pain and battle between thoughts and emotions.
Ck'. Cheesy. Cliche.

12:15 am. Munching two chocolate brioche on the bed. Nom nom.

Lack of self-esteem. Its that insecure feeling, knowing that...mmm, knowing that...knowing what?
Skip, skip. Moving on.

Being single? Naah..I like being single. The only person who can comfort me is myself.
Denial? Perhaps.

The point is, I have this thoughts which I don't know how to put in it words. I need to read some books.
Yes, most definitely buying tons of books next month.

Ooh well, goodnight dear void.
Skip this post readers and followers. This is nonsense.

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