They say "Image speaks louder than words"
I say, not true :)

How y'all doing? I miss this, I miss writing.
There's too much to tell I don't know where to start!

Start from the begining maybe? A little introduction would be nice.
Facts about me, no? Few facts would be fun ;p

I'm a proud sagittarius. I embrace freedom. I'm Christian. I'm currently bored and pissed off. I'm okay, I guess. I'm single and getting tired of it, haha. I dig triphop. I'm currently waiting for my hair to get dry. I'm in my room with a laptop on my lap. I curse a lot and not proud of it. I have a bad temper and not proud of it. I'm currently caught up in a dissapointing situation. I miss someone right now. I manage a pop band. I love my band. I'm a curious person. I like to explore. I enjoy adrenaline rush. I'm about to try thai boxing next week. I'm hungry right now. I'm cold, it's raining outside. I don't like to be pursuit. I like spooning. I like being kissed on my forehead. I like boys arms, shoulder, back and neck. I enjoy night rides. I enjoy traffic with friends. i like to sing a long. I wish I could drive. I wish I don't live in the suburbs. I love midnight calls. I love deep conversations. I appreciate experience. I don't know what to write. I'm having a weird feeling right now. I don't like my dream last night. I should stop writing this facts. Ooh I enjoy reading zodiacs. Music, friends, sleep and shower are the best rebound in any crappy situation.

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