uh oh whattodo

been a while since my last post, huh? not 'a while', more like agessss!

mmm, i dont know. whats new? i've been down lately, this Final Project thing is killing me. yet i believe its just a PHASE. i'll manage and cope with it, always do :)
yeah, Final Project. not in the mood to bring it as a topic.

10.36 pm

bought this lovely notebook the other day, decide to write a daily journal since i never wrote anything anymore in here and here i am, instead of writing on my journal, i'm blogging :|
this journal, really its lovely. it got this flower printed cover, blue background with fuschia and peach coloured flowers, really not my style but floral print is so in these days, gotta keep up with the latest trend, right ;)
i'll post image soon.

the idea of writing a journal (its a journal NOT A DIARY) started a few months ago. i was confused and suffocated, started to think random thoughts, making assumptions, yadda yadda yadaa.. and its exhausting to have this enormous amount of tiny talking voices in your head, then i thought 'i should write things down, to put my mind at ease'. few days later, i was strolling around alone at kinokuniya and found this lovely notebook. that moment i knew, i'll pour my heart and soul to this book ha ha ha!
yeah, probably should start writing on it tomorrow (i hope).

10.51 pm

65% sleepy, but i'm afraid i'll miss something when i sleep. which probably won't miss anything anyway. aaaaaaahh.. what to do?

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