Quick update, because a lot of things happened last weekend.

My grandpa; the last grandparents I had, passed away last Saturday. Mom was terribly sad, and it breaks my heart to see her cry like that. And I was sad too for my grandpa, because I was never there during his sickness. The last time I saw him probably three or four years ago. Sad isn't it?
Saturday evening, drove all the way to Semarang and Sunday morning drove to Jogjakarta for his funeral. My sister supposed to be in Jakarta by Monday 'cause she had this final test for her job and I have to accompany her home, unfortunately we didn't get a ticket to fly back home so we had to wait till Monday noon. Luckily, the test got canceled so there's no rush. It was nice though, aside from all the mourning. Seeing my cousins and share stories, I miss them so much.

And I miss him.
Well, there's nothing I can do, I already decided to give up. There's no point forcing this feeling if he's not feeling the same way right?
I've to stop wasting my time. So yeah.. I'm going to miss him and stay that way until I don't miss him too much.
Ooh time and the in betweens. In between, what should I do with the in betweens ?

Next topic for 30 days writing challenge is about 'your ex'. Super totally not in the mood writing about that stuff. I'll get back to this later, probably not soon enough so don't bother waiting for it to happen.

I'm tired.
As in mentally and physically tired. Really need my best girls to be around, really need to cuddle and to be hugged by them. That sounds so safe and comforting. I want that now.
God.. give me strength and a big heart, will You?

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