Until now.. i don't know what to feel or say to you. It's like our entire relationship has gone into the void in this grey area. I don't even know what kind of relationship we're dealing. What admire me the most is, you are able to speak up what what I want to say. I'm not much of a talker, I have no idea how to talk right, I say what's on my mind bluntly and straightforward, but you have this ethics and manners of saying things to people that make them listen and understand because somehow those things you're saying is exactly what others feels or thinking. At least that's what I see or how I feel.. And I want to learn that from you, I want to learn a lot from you.

I respect you with my whole heart, I don't know if I'm exaggerating or is this truly what I'm feeling but yeah.. I respect your efforts, your dreams, your worries, your strong-willed, your whole personality the good and the bad. I respect you unconditionally.

For 6 years I've known you, even though you've never become my everyday, even though sometimes you're there and sometimes you're not, but it was all worth every second of it. It combine to such fun and warm memories. I know I'll always have you as a friend, as a good friend.

Maybe it's God's way to help me growing, to feel things, to experience a lot and to deal with problems. And I thank God and thank you for it. You've been such a great friend, motivation and my biggest muse. You make me want to do things that I've never tried, you make me want to be a better person. It cross my mind every now and then 'How do you do it? What is it in you that can affect me so much?'.

I think I've reach the point where what I want is what makes you happy, your happiness is my happiness. 'I wish you all the best in the world' may sound cliché but I do, I do wish you all the best, all the love and all the wonderful things that life can offer to you. I care about you deeply, Luna.

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