11:11 PM


I can't sleep. It's driving me nuts when I can't sleep. Few hours ago I was so ready to hit the bed. I was under my blankie, lights turned off and I was just about done praying when suddenly I'm not in the mood for sleep. What the hell..
I used to have some serious trouble sleeping then I bought this pillow spray from The Body Shop called 'Deep Sleep' it helps a lot. But I sprayed it on my pillow just now, it doesn't help. Blekh.

I'm in the phase where everything bore the hell out of me. By everything, I mean E-VE-RY-THING. See, this is my biggest quirk. I get bored easily, I need constant changes. I can't fully commit on everything. Its just gets me weary for doing or seeing the same thing for a long period of time.

I'm starving. Craving for hotdog and red velvet cake.

Just had a conversation and argue with a friend of mine on messenger. I feel bad. I'm sorry.

I have so many thoughts that I want to put it in writing but its so random I can't put the words together to make a good sentence. You following me?

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