Best. Weather. Ever

4:22 PM

Its pouring hard rain right now. Hard hard rain!
Here I am, snuggling under my soft warm blanket, blogging and listening to Whitney's My Love Is Your Love. 

Promised to a friend for sushi dinner at 6 but I'm glued to my oh-so-warm-bed in this oh-so-seducing-weather. I don't want to leave my room, but promise is a promise. Hmm hmm hmmmmm...

Still waiting for that one good news. Will it be a good news? Oh please let it be a good news, dear God.


Probably should order a cab by now. 
Wash my face.
Change clothes.
Get ready.


indianaasha said...

merman berkata amin ya rabbal alamin...!!!!!!!!
semoga lo keterima, trs gw masuk situ juga *kalau kepepet eh kepepet~ (nada dono, kasino, indro)

Desinta Intan said...

Amiinnn.. semoga Tuhan mempertemukan kita kembali dalam jenjang meniti karir ya shaa.. you're my best whining partner huhaahahah