Blogspot is totally useless

Been wondering how to unfollow people in blogspot for months. Why don't they make it easy and put unfollow button in every page (like the follow button) instead of putting it somewhere in "Manage" area which is so damn confusing.

Now that I know how to unfollow people (thanks to Asha), it is totally useless and irritating! First, nothing happen when I choose the "Stop following this person?" option then I refreshed it like thousand times and still nothing happen! D'oh! Okay, so then I thought "maybe If I'm signing out and sign in later, it'll work." So I did. Few days later.. nothings change on my reading list. Damn you blogspot.

Thinking of making a new one. So then I could really choose whom I want to follow and getting the classic theme back. But I've wrote so many things here, can I somehow transfered it to my new one? Ooh really need someone who understand all this crap.

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