Have I told you my house is going under construction? Well, it is.
Now more like a ship wreck than a house. 

Anywayyyyyss.. I was cleaning my stuff the whole morning. Most of it was college assignments. Talk about lots and lots and lots of used sketchbooks, illustrations, paintings, packagings, t-shirts, merchandise, etc.

It was a good feeling looking through my old artworks, 4 years of process to become an art student. Sadly, had to throw it all away now that it become some sort of 'junk'. Still in my heart it was no junk. It was my mind, my memories, my learning process,  my sweat, my tears, my victory, my greatest achievements.

Looking back 4 years ago till now, I have learned a lot. I've become better.

*will post some of my favorite artworks and whatnot later (:

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