Quality Over Quantity

Bought this really cute n' comfort soft pink tops yesterday for 200k.

What's special about it, it's a local brand from Bali and the owner designed the pattern herself so its really really authentic. For 1 pattern, she only made 10 clothes out of it with 10 models and if it all sold out, she won't make it again with the same model or pattern. Talk about originality, right. Not just that, she made her own garment. The fabric is soooo comfort, so light and breezy. It's like cotton but lighter and cooler. 
Basically, she is one talented woman. Made everything on her own. Fabric, pattern and model. 

Sadly, there's no name card or store. She sells her clothes in random bazaar when she feels like selling it. So lucky I found her booth yesterday. Her assistant said that she'll be back with new pattern and design at the end of June and will be selling it at Citos' daily bazaar.

Kinda pricey tho for a piece of loose tops. Price range for tops are about 200-275 and for the dresses are about 300. But it's worth it, totally worth it. Authenticity is important don't you think? I mean you don't want to see a lot of people wearing the same thing as you are, right?

My pink tops is in the dryer right now, will be posting pictures of it soon ;)
Much respect for the brand. Loved it!

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