TC; Things To Remember When You're Single

Yes. Pathetic, I know. Reading an article with the title "Things To Remember When You're Single".

But it got me thinking to a subject. At the last paragraph, it says :

Remember to have fun. Spend time with your family and friends. Read more. Create something you're proud of. Make your own rules and then break them. Swap spit. Take trips alone. Love yourself. Be selfish without being malevolent. Flirt. Treat yourself to an expensive dinner because you deserve it, you deserve it all.

Love yourself.

Love. Yourself.

Love Yourself. What does it mean?
I've been reading (or crossing) bunch of articles that contain Self-Love. What does it mean?
What is your definition of self-love? 

Why one does not love him/herself? 

Okay, by one I may refer to me.
I mean.. I love myself (obviously), if not I'd be jumping off a bridge right now. (Jk. Not a pretty thing to write on a blog post; suicide). I love myself but sometimes I still wonder why am I still single? (Huahahahaha)

Loving yourself means.. What? Getting what you want/what makes you happy? Keeping yourself save from broken hearts (or the risk of it)? Feeding yourself when you're hungry and drink when you're thirsty? Getting body treatments every once in awhile? Or.. what?

What? What? What? What is your definition of self-love?

I love myself enough, If I can say. But.. Even Dalai Lama said, to reach for inner peace, one must let the happiness of others a priority (I think). But that would hurt ourselves, don't you think? Is it practicing self-love if we put others before us? 

Please someone, give me an enlightenment. This subject been hovering in my mind for quite sometime.
I need a peace of mind and I want some inner peace.

Dear readers (if there's any), 
What is your definition of self-love?


indianaasha said...

kalo kata bokap "kamu jangan suka self-abuse" sendiri hahahahahahahaha.....

Desinta Intan said...

huahuaha such as.... plucking yer eyebrowssss. self love ash, self love (whatever that means)