Been a long time since my last post. Sorry, been focusing on my secret tumblr cos it's easier to post there he he.


Well.. can't believe I survived the whole year! 2012 was though tho. A lot of self-discovery, learning process, failure, accomplishment, new friends, new 'teachers', old love, the beginning of new love (haha hope so), etc.

Can't say that I'm excited about this year, because I'm not. Don't ask me about NY resolutions cos I made resolutions on birthdays. I don't know.. Feel scared to make expectations about this year, guess I just have to go through it one day at a time. 

Feel the need (or just wanting it? Dunno) to accomplish some things. Feel huge need to get out from this city and start fresh somewhere. And have this strange feeling that the perfect guy for me is out there, far from this city (or country), waiting.

I don't know.. New years always bring mixed feelings about things for me. Confused. Gonna stop this post right here before I start rambling.

Happy New Year, love.

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