1. trying on some clothes for no reason.
2. can't seem to recall any particular changes but i believe i've changed a bit :)
3. a very logic and realistic one.
4. cotton hot pants and oversized tee.
5. eeh, can't think of any right now. i'll get back to this later.
6. i like him and the reason why is undescribeable.
7. if you want another, let go the other. never juggle.
8. my true passion in career.
9. :)
10. the difference between medicine and drugs is in the dose.
11. single life has its own charm and i think i had enough of it.
12. grow up, there's more to life than dating.
13. from am to pm involving meaningful conversation, delicious desserts, tea or coffee
14. squeezing pimples? ha ha
15. its Tuesday and so far nothing has happen yet
16. (1.) honest (2.) pretty much open minded (3.) good listener
17. letting my parents down
18. done that and regret it big times
19. his point of view
20. last saturday. decided to swallow it in the end.
21. him.
22. go ask them
23. "what if i said yes that time"
24. i'll keep it to myself, thankyou.
25. tall figure, be well-mannered, be honest, talent, be logical, be knowledgeable, have a high taste in music, be exciting, be surprisingly sweet, have a great smell.
26. christian.
27. possesive sister or protective sister
28. haven't been that happy this year, hopefully soon.
29. pfft.
30. i finished my final project and hopefully i'll get a well paid job next month.

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