2:01 PM

Good day, Saturday

So.. still jobless.
It's not good for my mental health, turn me into this passive-cold-emotionally-unbalanced person.

I have so many job offering though, I'm not sure what's been holding me back to apply. Why am I not moving into making one awesome portfolio and send it to this money maker companies? Keep telling myself everyday, eveytime when I wake up 'Come on, all you got to do is try and go for it.' I think I'm making progress little by little.

So, a very best friend of mine Indiana Asha, post a comment on my previous writing. There's this challenge, it's a '30 Days Writing Challenge'. The challenge is you have to write a post a in 30 days about different topics. Read all about it here.
I'm going to give it a shot. Aside from being jobless, this challenge can keep me on the move :) Yeah, I'll start on Monday.

Anyway, just got a BBM from a friend who offered me a job as an AE in his company. Once again, I'm giving it a shot.

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