Monday Madness?

12:39 pm

I forgot what to write.
Just got home from a driving lesson which turned out not so great today. One of the factor that got me in an awful mood. Can't seem to focus on the lesson, my mind kept wandering everywhere.

12:47 pm

Sit quietly on the couch. The only voice I heard is an old fan next to me (and my fingers typing these words right now). I'm tired, sweating, thirsty and my laptop battery show a perfect number of 10%. Too tired to move my ass-walk upstairs-grab a charger-walk downstairs-sit quietly-typing. 9%.

Probably should grab that charger right now.

Let me tell you about yesterday. Monday, Oct 10th.
Woke up from a 14hours sleep, feeling rejuvenate. Yesterday was my first serious driving lesson, so I got on my bike and cycling with a huge positive vibe that morning.

6%. Okay, really need to grab that charger. Be right back.

5% And charging.
As I was saying, I thought riding my bike from home to this driving course would be fun and healthy, I need to get my muscles all tighten up anyway.. so yeah, let's ride a bike. La la laaa.. not fun. I was sweating and running out of breath, thank God I got there like 5 minutes earlier so I got to rest and drink for awhile. Turned out it was pretty far. Long story short, it went well.
Rode my bike home at 12pm. Once I got home, I was checking my phone and got this message from my friend who offered me a job the other day 'Desie.. bisa mampir kantor ga sore sekitar jam 3-4an? Bawa CV ya.' I texted him back said I'll be there by 4.
Okay now I'm panicked and rushed.
1. I already made an appointment with a friend of mine that noon, I'm her copywriter for her thesis.
2. My portfolio, CV and application letter is not ready. Like, at all!
3. I have no idea what to wear, what to say, zero preparation indeed.
4. I don't know how to get there, I've never been to his office and not familiar with the place.

So.. breath in, breath out, repeat.
I called my friend said that I had an interview so I'm going to her house after the interview, showered, pick any clothes, called a cab, print my not-so-prepared CV and went to the interview. Arrived at 4.30 pm, 30minutes late thanks to Jakarta's traffic. The interview went well I suppose, not sure if I got the job yet, I have to sent some emails to make sure that I'm qualified for the position. Off to Bintaro at 6pm, traffic like hell as always. Arrived at my friend's house totally worn out, and finally home at 9pm with a bag of books that needed to be translated due Thusrday. Talkin about ex ha us ted.

Yesterday's events pretty much affecting my mood today, woke up late still a bit worn out and cause my lesson went 40:60.

And I was supposed to start that 30 Days Writing Challenge yesterday but I'm too exhausted. Bummer :(

1:27 pm

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