Good afternoon,

Woke up at 5 AM this morning, haven't move my ass from bed ever since and taking photos instead :p

Hey, it's Saturday already!
About to cook steak dinner at one of my college gals house tonight, excited indeed. Nothings excite me more than a quality time with my best girls. Should be hitting the shower by now and grab some lunch but I'm glueeeeeed to my oh-so-seducing bed.

Anyway, last Thursday I went to Annex Building attending this event, Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female 2011. My sweet best friend, Gabby Rachmadini is one of the 14 finalist. Went there with Ellora and Marcella. See, I have 5 best friends in high school. Gabby Rachmadini, Ellora Winoto, Marcella Tanaya, Emilia Rahayu and Christie Julia. It's hard to spend time together since Emilia works in Singapore, Christie's busy with all her television shows, Marcella's busy with her modeling career, Gabby's busy with her thesis and what's left there's me and Ellora. So when there's an opportunity to meet, I would give all my time in the world to catch up with them (or few of them). Will be posting photos soon, wait for it :)

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