Manual; Analog

I was spending my last days of 2011 in several city. Solo, Jogjakarta and Lembang.
Remember when I told you about a blue notebook that I bought months ago? Since I can't bring my laptop on a roadtrip, I brought my notebook instead. Hoping that during my vacation I can spend some time to sit down and write. Turned out, not as easy as I planned.

There I was, in the outdoor surrounded with things I've never see before. Everything around me supposed to be an inspiration, right? Supposed to be easy writing about everything that excites me at that moment. But its just doesn't feel right. Holding a pen, with a notebook spread open in front of you waiting for a splash of ink to get it dirty with stories, feelings, and thoughts.

So I was thinking, what the hell's wrong? I am supposed to be writing every sights I'm seeing, every taste I'm feeling on the tip of my tongue. Why am I not writing? So I end up doodling a sanskrit I saw in a brochure.

I sat there, starring at my blank notebook. A notebook so beautiful (and pricey) that supposed to be filled with awesome stories. A notebook that supposed to represent me. And here I am spilling my every thoughts so fast without even thinking what to write in a world wide web.

That's one. Here's another one.

Dad bought a new camera. They say its the best SLR from Nikon at the moment. So I was eager to try it, capturing everything I find interesting. Transfered the images days ago, and totally not in the mood editing it. The image quality, the tone, contrast and everything is great. Clean. But I don't find it.. mesmerizing.

I like grainy pictures with overwashed tone. That's what I want my pictures to be. Using a digital camera, probably impossible to create that kind of image. You can retouch it on photoshop though but its just doesn't feel the same. Mom own an analog camera, Nikon F65. I used it once for my college assignment and tried it again for some b/w snapshots (which I haven't print it due to some chemical problems). When I printed it, it was just what I wanted my pictures to be, grainy, less contrast, and shabby tone. It was beautiful.

So I can say, all this digital technology made us forget the joy of writing with a pen, drawing with a pencil, the smell of paper, every scratch you made when you misspelled or that excitement when you see the result of your photos from a film camera. I miss that.

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