One of my nature is being a judgmental person.

Is it wrong to judge people by their first impression or maybe their aura? Have you ever judge people based on these criteria?

I judge people by their first impression all the time. I'm very picky when it comes to selecting people to be in my inner circle. Intuition take a big role when it comes to judging people, some of my judgment were true some of them weren't. It's not all negative comments though, sometimes the goodness in people just sprung open in front of them.

But who am I to judge right? People change, evolve and first impression can sometimes be misleading. So what are we supposed to do? When a friend introduce us to their friend and once we get the chance to know this stranger, just like that, automatically - we judge them in our mind.

So is it wrong to judge? What are the boundaries in being judgmental?

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