9:33 PM


Okay quick update before I hit the bed, besides my laptop needs to be charged and I'm too lazy to do it. So..

My gum is in recovery, still sore and hard to swallow anything. Tried to ignore it, I cant stand another day eating porridge, soup, half boiled egg and milk over and over again.

The meds are awesome by the way. I got 3 meds, all capsul. There's this one called Tramal, I forgot I think it's supposed to control body fever, well every time I took it I got so sleepy. I mean heavy sleepy. And that's what I've been doing. Eat and sleep, thanks to Tramal.

I actually slept for 17 hours. Not 17 hours straight tho, I got up for about half an hour to drink, check messages, pee, etc and back to sleep.

Had to stop takin' it of course. Well it's getting better for sure. Be back to the dentist next week for check up, hope everything goes well.

Still waiting for that phone call. Pray, pray. 

Bye now.

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