Friends Are The Best Rebound


I've been going Jakarta-Bandung for the last few months with 3 of my best friends. Just because.
Being there, in Bandung, somehow really comforting.
I don't know if its because the weather, the trees, the food, environment or simply just because the joy rush from getting out of my circles, getting out of the people I know.
The idea of disconnecting yourself from your familiar world.

I found a quote the other day,
"I need new and better friends, who are slightly weird and slightly too open."
Not that I'm saying I have bad friends, NO! I have the greatest friends. People I've kept closest to my inner circle (you know who you are) are the best inspiring and motivating people. I thank God for them, God knows what I'd be without them. Respect.

Back to the quote; sometimes I wish that my family would move out from this rotten city and start fresh. You know what I mean? Sometimes I'm longing for a new life, new circles, new scenery, meeting strangers and slowly entering their life and sink deep into their point of views.. Well, to adapt to everything new. But at the same time I'm scared to leave this 'place', leaving my friends, my everyday routines.. I even felt scared to leave the streets I usually take or certain scenery!

Have you ever feel this way? Every time I think about this, I think of myself as an awful person. Wanting to disconnect everyone and start fresh. 

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