10:37 AM


How y'all been doing my dear readers?? (By readers I mean my best friend, Merman who probably the ONLY one reading this blog mehehehe)

I miss writing here, I miss pouring my (temporary and impulsive) feelings to the mass of ze world wide web! Been pretty busy with some work (which I fall in love with) so haven't got the chance to write here for such a long time huhuhu

No worries!  Cos I'll be posting some, updating you with my recent activities, feelings, thoughts, and whatsoever.

Good to be back.

P.S It's Monday morning, traffic's been nice all the way to the office (yes, I'm officially a working woman now but I'll update that later) and guess what.. my favorite sky is here. Cloudy grey sky in the morning. Will be making a cup of hot tea :)


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