2.30 PM

So I went to someone's baby shower with my family. There was this super delicious chocolate cake. It was huge and I can't stop eating.

When it's time for us to go home, I took a grey puppy with me. Hid it behind my long brown jacket. It was the cutest pug I've ever seen. 'I have to take him home with me', I think.

Just as we entered the car, I noticed a big black sky above us, kinda like storm sky. It was coming down, making a huge swirl. It became one massive tornado.

Then it started raining. The tornado was chasing our car. Dad drove insanely fast. I held the baby pug in my arms, closely to my heart.

I was checking my phone and I can see from the screen clearly, the tornado was just a kilometer away right behind our car. I screamed to my dad. He stepped on the gas.

The tornado kept chasing, but we managed to get away.

We took a left turn, but now the tornado is in front of our car. Destroyed everything that gets in it's way.
But then it got smaller and smaller and smaller until it vanish completely. 

Just when the tornado vanished, it turned into a pile of novels about cats. Laying there neatly in the middle of the road, kinda like some display at the book store.

I woke up.

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