Jesus, help.

I don't know how to.. I can't even..

Have you ever enter a room or introduce to a person and you get this.. vibe? 
Like some sort of negative feeling, like you don't want to be in that room or you don't want to know/make any interaction with this person. 
Have you ever feel that?

That negative aura of someone/something/some place..

Horrible. The first thing I want to do if I ever be in that situation is take a long bath. 
Cold bath with lots of soap. 
I guess if I take a long soapy bath, I can get rid of that horrendous feeling. 
At least that's what I picture in my mind.

Well.. Imagine that situation is happening to you, everyday. 
in your 24 years of life.

My friends and my job are the only getaway card. But somehow that makes me sad, because..

Feel like not continuing this post. Every time I think about it, it suffocates me.
Okay, wish you have a beautiful life all.

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