First Table


Feels like I'm sitting here, reading an article.. but I'm not here. My mind's not here. It wander off somewhere into subconscious.
So many what ifs I've been thinking lately. They told me not to think negative but why is it easier to think negative than to think positive? 

Effort, Daisy. Everything needs effort. And process. 

Why can't I just think about what I want to think, without worrying whether it will affect the universe to affect my life or not? Of course I want to be happy, everybody wants to.

But sometimes life is unfair and there's nothing we can do but to accept it, right? 

Today I'm sitting here, feeling nothing. I wouldn't say 'same shit different day' but it is. Same stuff, different day. 
Who knows where I'll be a year from now. Who knows what will happen 3 years from now.


I am not sad nor I am happy. I feel.. what? What do I feel?

How do you know when you know that you already know what you want out of life? I change my mind constantly. Today I want this, but tomorrow I want that. And it is so hard to focus on one thing when you change your mind constantly.

Sometimes I feel 24hours is not enough.. Because I want to do everything.

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