Sat 5:54 PM

just finished my saturday homework; health articles in bahasa and english (pheww)
need to shower and wash hair
waiting for my pick up ride for ice cream night (come to mama, you delicious green tea ice cream)
a lot of things happened this week
still can't believe certain things, but i know its for the better
doubting self
still curious about something ha ha
if i met me, i would think of me as.. deadpan?
been listening to Voyeur for ~329 times in 3 days
miss graphic design.. 
miss making things w my bare hands; painting, crafting, etc
really need to shower right now
miss my girls
craving brownies w ice cream
somehow this relaxes me
writing in sections
when will i... ?
feel satisfied in not finishing sentence
last night was fun
still thinking about mango smoothie from restaurant menu
curious and curiouser
yea.. definitely need to shower right now

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